Before coming to Colombia, I had never heard of lulo.

But my first morning, I saw a pitcher of bizarrely green juice sitting at the breakfast table.  I asked the hotel’s waiter what it was, and he said, "jugo de lulo."   Try saying that five times fast.

Not comprehending his answer, I decided the best way to get to the bottom of this was to sample it.  A nice, tall glass of jugo de lulo.  It was amazing.  But it had a flavor unlike any I had experienced…  The best description I can come up with is this:

Lulo tastes like a kiwi had sex with a cactus. 

Sweet, tart, cactusy?


The fruit itself is an orangish/yellowish color - but the meat is vibrantly green.  It’s pretty much only consumed in drink-form.  The skin of the fruit has millions of tiny “hairs” that can stick into your skin it. Incredibly, the lulo is basically grown only in Colombia, and nowhere else in the world. 

I intend to attempt to smuggle seeds back to the states.

Everything grows in California, right?

9 January 2011 ·

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